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RESAFRET Order Sequencing

RESAFRET Order Sequencing: no more lags!

Optimize your logistics system by signing up for this RESAFRET offer. This new service is for managing the sequencing of interlinked successive orders.

Be notified before the train leaves

Along with of our Commande@RESAFRET service, this new RESAFRET Order Sequencing offer will allow you to better coordinate your various empty or loaded wagon orders. Choosing this service is your guarantee you'll be alerted in less than 72 hours if the sequencing of your orders needs to be reviewed.

  • Your order manager verifies within that time that your reservations are properly sequenced.
  • Should that not be the case, he will contact you to work out the best replacement solution with you.


Stay informed throughout the haul

Enjoy proactive service
in case of unforeseen event, to return as fast as possible to the initial program.

How can you receive this service?

You haven't signed up yet? Contact your sales contact right now! Fret SNCF will then send you your security passwords for connecting to our Clic Services Fret SNCF interface.

  •  In the first phase, our departments do everything necessary so your order sequencing is not disrupted.
  • If the impact cannot be avoided, your order manager will review every possible solution with you (eliminating the rotation or three-way following an unforeseen event, skipping a loading point, etc.) to avoid getting your orders out of sync.

Gain time

You don't have to lift a finger: your order manager will take charge of any changes or cancellations you have confirmed with him.

Personalized tracking for you

You can put your mind at ease: your order manager can access all of your sequences at a glance. He can inform you of the status of your orders at any time.

Take advantage of our offer immediately

To register to our RESAFRET Order Sequencing offer, you have two options:

  • Either you know and specify all the links between your orders right away;
  • Or you place unit orders and inform us about the links between them as you go along.

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