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Sustainable development

Fret SNCF supporting sustainable development

With its extremely positive carbon balance, railway freight happens to be the means of transport best suited to your sustainable development policy. At Fret SNCF, we are aware of that benefit and work day in and day out to make it even more efficient.

Railway freight, naturally ecological

Sustainable Development Fret SNCFBecause protecting the environment has become everyone's priority, more and more of you are choosing us for the clean transport of your merchandise.

Because Fret SNCF is:

  • Energy efficiency 2 to 3 times greater than by road. This means that, with energy equivalent to 1 kg of petroleum per ton of merchandise, a truck can cover 58 kilometers while a train can cover 111!
  • Mainly electric traction energy. Fret SNCF locomotives work at 90% for types of electricity which do not emit greenhouse gas emissions (nuclear at 56.24% and hydraulic at 34.46%).
  • Marginal emission of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. Rail transport is responsible for 1.3% of the CO2 emissions connected with transport in France, opposed to 93% for road transport.


Fret SNCF's green benefits ecological


Did you know?

1,300 freight trains per day means 7.2 million trucks a year that are not on the road!

  • We are able to offer you solutions as alternatives or add-ons to over-the road transport for your merchandise, whatever the type of transport required: combined, full train, or blocking.
  • By creating more efficient urban logistics, we can deliver to you within population centers, allowing us to combat urban pollution. Within intramural Paris, our network of Fret stations allows us to receive your merchandise securely. Only the last kilometer is by road.
  • With access to an environmental calculator, Fret SNCF can provide an estimate of the emissions of the principal greenhouse gases. This service allows our customers with access to e-services to get an estimate of the principal greenhouse gases emitted by rail transport; once the transport characteristics are entered, the calculator provides an evaluation of energy consumption and CO2 and other gas emissions (nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, dust and particles, etc.).


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Commitment between Fret SNCF and CFF Cargo during the Munich Transport Logistic Trade Show

Fret SNCF and CFF Cargo has formalized a partnership agreement to offer end-to-end MLMC shipping for all French-Swiss traffic.

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