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Info Facture

Info Facture (Invoice Info): improve your invoice record keeping!

Free and easy to use, our Info Facture (Invoice Info) service gives you direct Internet control of all the items on your invoices and access to any information you need.

A simple, practical service

To access this service, all you need is an Internet connection. Enter your identifier and password, then click "Enter". You can now:

Nota bene

Your online invoices have no legal validity. They are complementary to your paper invoices, not replacements.

  • Check all items on your invoices, credit notes and penalties: number and shipping date, wagon, price, etc.
  • Access to other items that don't appear on the paper invoice: breakdown of wagons connected to a shipment, your RESAFRET file number order, etc.
  • Search for an invoice using specific criteria: period, account number, invoice type, etc.
  • Sort your invoices by combining several criteria: issue date, order number, account number, etc.  
  • Authorize online access to your invoices for your accounting department, for example.


An interactive, responsive service

Available 24/7, this service lets you access your invoices anytime, fast. You can also:

  • Immediately check your invoices, as soon as they come out.
  • File a claim, using a prefilled form based on your invoicing. Your claim, entered directly, is then processed normally by the Centre National d'Information sur la facturation (National Invoicing Information Center - CNI).

    Don't wait any longer !

    To sign up and take advantage of our Info Facture (Invoice Info) service, contact your regular sales contact. Next, connect to your interface using an identifier and password provided by the e-service hot-line.

  • Take advantage of adapted features: print and save in an Excel type analytical table.


A secure service

We guarantee you absolutely secure access to your data, thanks to:

  • The authentication used (SSL technology is the one required for consulting bank accounts)
  • Access secured by an identifier and a password that only be held by qualified individuals and yourself. 

To find out more:

 Info Facture (Invoice Info) features 

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