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Urban logistics

Urban logistics: in the heart of cities

Would you like to be as close as possible to your end customers? Are you looking for a reliable alternative to over-the-road urban transport? Do you need a simple, effective and ecological transport solution?

Our role: opening the city gates to you

Urban Logistics Fret SNCFCongested population centers, limited space for shipping and delivery areas? When supplying your customers, access to urban centers, while a necessity, also imposes a size constraint. This is why we have implemented a logistics offer responding to the requirements of cities: your terminal shipments arrive ecologically, right at your customers' doors!


Outstanding receiving capability

Even within Paris itself, our network of Freight stations is open to your light and heavy merchandise, thanks to:

  • cross docking;
  • our covered areas, averaging 10,000 m², fully part of the urban fabric;

    We can pull it off!

    Urban Logistics has won over Monoprix
    Since 2007, through its VFLI subsidiary, Fret SNCF has been routing 4 to 6 merchandise wagons a day, five days a week, to Paris, on behalf of the Monoprix company and its 27 Paris shops.
    Conquering Paris
    Since March 2008, Fret SNCF and its VFLI subsidiary have been routing twenty or so merchandise wagons to Paris five times a week, that is, about 210,000 pallets of general merchandise and alcohol-free beverages a year.
    This new means of transport means a reduction by 10,000 in the number of trucks entering the capital.

  • our stations and warehouses, located in nearby suburbs for intermediate, short-term storage.

You will benefit from our experience supplying dense urban areas.

In Paris, we serve:

  • Concrete plant (seventeenth arrondissement);
  • Cement silos (XIIIe arrondissement) ;
  • Parisian urban heating plant (near the gare Montparnasse).


A finely honed proces

  • Arrivals at urban stations are done by railroad;
  • The "last kilometer" is then covered by road vehicle, to the destination store or construction site;
  • You will get better rotation frequency  on your final deliveries;
  • Your deliveries will be more secure , in terms of packaging and scheduling.


A green means of transport for developing sustainably

Railways only represent 0.3% of the CO2 emissions attributable to transport, against 97.3% for road transport!
All of our intramural stations have a GNV service station (City Natural Gas), which means clean fuel with a small environmental impact, for fueling our delivery terminal fleet.

The entire organization is ready to help you!

3 additional Fret SNCF entities handle your urban logistics:

  • Railway hauling and manoeuvres are provided by VFLI, a subsidiary of Fret SNCF;
  • Wagon unloading is performed in the train station by Fret SNCF:
  • A fleet of 14 GEODIS WB vehicles (transport division of the GEODIS group, a subsidiary of SNCF), fueled with GNV, handles your final delivery.

A series of benefits!

Using logistics urban allows you to:

  • Consolidate your presence with your customers;
  • Save time by avoiding highway system congestion;
  • Gain new markets on your end customer side;
  • Assert the civic commitment  of your business.

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Commitment between Fret SNCF and CFF Cargo during the Munich Transport Logistic Trade Show

Fret SNCF and CFF Cargo has formalized a partnership agreement to offer end-to-end MLMC shipping for all French-Swiss traffic.

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