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Fret SNCF, carrier of the future
Fret SNCF and the SNCF Group

Within SNCF Geodis division, Fret SNCF made-to-mesure solutions of freight carrier for his customers in many sectors of activity in France and through Captrain network in Europe.

Becoming a European carrier with a worldwide scope

The creation of SNCF Geodis division, demonstrates SNCF's strong strategic commitment to become a European carrier with a worldwide scope in merchandise transport and logistics.
The end result is our affirmation of what we do: joining Transport and logistics to achieve a broadened, multimodal service, in Europe and around the world.


Global, "eco-responsible" solutions

SNCF Geodis division helps you find the global "eco-responsible" solutions you need on a daily basis:

  • Paying more and more attention to sustainable development, to foster the development of solutions, including rail transport.
  • Seeking total service providers to handle the information chain, storage and management of stocks, combining transport solutions at the European and global levels.
  • Locating partners capable of handling end-to-end European railway movement.


SNCF Geodis, a global multimodal operator :


SNCF Geodis is ...

  • Annual sales around 9,5 billion euro in 2012 
  • A 47,600 person workforce
  • SNCF's primary activity

  • Maritime and air transport commission
  • Messenger service
  • Road
  • Contract logistics
  • Automotive
  • Railway companies and intermodal operators
  • Transport commission
  • Asset management


Operating through a network covering 66 countries, the 47,600 employees of SNCF Geodis deliver highly flexible, local services, with all the benefits of a multicutural workforce.

Strong leadership ready to serve you by :

  • Providing services with high added value
  • Accelerating our presence in the worldwide transport flow of rapid growth merchandise
  • Simplifying access to all logistics and transport services.

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SNCF Geodis développe son activité de transport feroviaire de marchandises en scandinavie

SNCF Geodis rachète Railcare Tag AB en Suède et s'implante au Danemark

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