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Rail expertise

By positioning itself on major merchandise flow routes Fret SNCF provides you with the solution you need in terms of responsiveness and volume. This means we can guarantee you reliable, punctual transport.

Rail expertise applies to all our services


Unit trains, longer and heavier

Fret SNCF offers regular connections throughout Europe that suit loaders' requirements via the Captrain network or historic rail companies.

The single wagon load service is offered outside France

The single wagon load service (Multi-lots Multi-clients) from Fret SNCF provides loaders, SME's and multinationals with the best possible geographical coverage and guaranteed timeframes for transported goods. In fall 2012, Fret SNCF began operating end-to-end Multi-lots Multi-clients service between Woippy (France) and Antwerp (Belgium), Ruhr, Cologne (Germany) and Switzerland, providing an end-to-end service.

Combined, continental Europe and port transport

The Fret SNCF combined transport offer has dedicated resources  and has connections to the major European Rail corridors.

Freely moving traffic

For more reliable, faster and more competitive transport, particularly as a single carrier, Fret SNCF  offers a single contact with end-to-end commercial and production control.


Our commitment to ecomobility


We offer alternative, additional solutions to over-the road transport for your merchandise, whatever the type of transport you need: combined, full train or blocking.

A success we can share

The Monoprix distribution chain chose us to supply to its Paris stores! Committed, like us, to environmental protection, Monoprix supplies its 60 stores by rail rather than road.

Thanks to our urban logistics service, we deliver to you within population centers, to help combat urban pollution. Within intramural Paris, our network of Fret stations allows us to receive your merchandise securely. Only the last kilometer, from the train station to the final delivery location (store, construction site), is by road. Our network of stations and warehouses in the surrounding area also provides you with short-term storage for your merchandise, when needed.

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