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Coal and Steel

Coal and Steel Division: Helping you grow

Do you need robust, flexible  and reliable solutions for all your iron and steel, ore, scrap metal and fuel shipments? Are you looking for close tracking, large carrying capacity, and access to large French and European flows?

Our role: Supporting your expansion!

Coal Steel Division Fret SNCFSteel sector, Coal sector: a complementary pair with high capacity carrying for efficiently managing your transport needs, in France as well as internationally.

Innovative solutions for quality service

You have changing needs ? We adapt ! Because your market is changing, we have developed solutions intended to satisfy you on all fronts:

Flexible service: mixing

We provide you with:

  • large carrying capacity unit trains and heavy haul trains with reinforced couplers (3600 long tons; 2600 short tons);
  • individual wagons for point to point distribution;
  • dedicated and special wagons: SHIMMS wagons, SHMMS transport of hot-rolled coils;
  • grouped transport plans, formulated with you to take your expectations into account, consistent with your own logistics organization.
Total service: end-to-end

We take total charge of your transport, nationally and internationally:

The Coal and Steel Division is...

Solid Mineral-Fuel

  • transport of steam coal to thermal power plants producing electricity, and of industrial coal, bituminous coal and coke.
  • 100% of unit trains.
  • From ports: Dunkirk, le Havre, Rouen, Fos, Rotterdam, Anvers.

Iron ores

  • Ore transport.
  • Between Dunkirk and Lorraine.
  • 100% unit trains, 3600 long ton, heavy haul trains.

Steel industry
Transport of semi-finished products, flat products, long products, tubes, pipes...

  • 55% unit trains, 45% individual wagons.
  • 65% in international  trade with Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Scandinavian Countries and the CEE

Scrap metal
Transport of cuttings

  • 80% in individual wagons.
  • 70% nationally; 30% to Italy, Germany and Belgium.
  • 15,000 specialized wagons for Steel and Scrap metal.
  • 500 additional cradle wagons between now and 2010.
  • partnership with logistics operators (Geodis) and regional truckers;
  • terminal storage and logistics with truck chartering;
  • hauling and wagon leasing.
Reliable service: lead times respected

A mastery of your flows depends on rigorous follow-up and is based on appropriate networking. A double requirement which we handle thanks to:


  • Unit trains: our market platform will track and update you on the status of your shipments
  • Individual wagons: a customized information system is included as part of our New Generation Individual Wagon Service program.

Dedicated networks

  • Our networks match the mapping of your flows;
  • The SEEM (Sidérurgie Europe Express Méditerranée)  and SEEA (Sidérurgie Europe Express Atlantique) streams benefit from customized tracking and offer you reliability with high-performance lead times.
  • The Petit Train Auto, operating in the Seine Valley, optimizes deliveries of steel coils for car body builders and does pickups of scrap metal.

Nearest to you

Our 5 regional agencies (Lille, Thionville, Paris, Nantes, Lyon), supported by local branches (Chalon/Saône, Nancy, Marseille, Hendaye, Perpignan), stand ready to offer you:

  • A customized response.
  • Direct support of your production and delivery sites.
  • Rigorous and informed management: regular meetings and shared indicators, delivery times and schedules met, points on volume, projections.

We can pull it off!

Fully adaptable and responsive!
In less than 8 weeks, we set up a new organization between Northern France and Wallonia following the reopening of blast furnaces.

Single carrier: worldwide reliability!
To better serve you, we bought out railway operators, obtained railroading licenses and safety certificates in several European countries. These allow us to be the single carrier of your merchandise, with open access, to the major European industrial ports (Rotterdam, Anvers), without any break bulk at the border.

Innovative solutions for quality service

Our innovative offers guarantee you:

  • Increased flexibility and responsiveness;
  • Controlled lead times;
  • Optimized costs.


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