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Automotive division: your logistics performance partner

Fret SNCF offers a transport solution meeting your automotive sector logistics operator needs, through a railway program ensuring the routing of your vehicles, ex works to your platforms, throughout Europe.

Fret SNCF AutomotiveOur goal: guaranteeing a reliable, fast, top quality service covering all of Europe


Flexible program:

  • Grouped transport: unit trains and outgoing trains meeting your need to ship vehicles from plants or platforms.
  • Individual wagon: Haut Débit Ferroviaire (High Railway Capacity), concentrating on 3 hubs and 31 platforms in France, connected with the European rail system, in answer to your need to move vehicles out from plants or platforms.


Transport program covering Europe, from Spain to Russia

The international market represents 55% of the activity of Automobiles de Fret SNCF.

The Automotive Division is

  • 1.7 million vehicles transported
  • 179,000 wagons routed

Thanks to the network of SNCF railway companies (Fret SNCF, VFLI, ITL, SFBenelux, SFItalei) and to the partnerships it has formed with historical or new entrant railway operators, we are able to offer you end-to-end routing solutions covering all of Europe.

We are already carrying out transport operations with Spain, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Benelux, Russia, Eastern European countries (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, etc.)

A team ready to help you

We can pull it off!

STVA wanted to charter 2 trains per week (that is, 12,000 vehicles per year) departing from Romania and bound for the Paris Region on behalf of its client, RENAULT.
In less than 3 months, Fret SNCF implemented an end-to-end transport solution, in partnership with the railway companies of the countries being crossed.

By placing the activities of our sales and production units under the same umbrella, we are in a position to:

  • analyze your needs and offer you suitably adapted solutions
  • guarantee continuous information on the status of your traffic (market platform)
  • measure the performance and quality of our service.


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